Waves Natural Rubber Flip Flops

100% Plastic Free Natural Rubber Flip Flops

Ethically sourced flip flops made with your feet and our planet in mind!

These eco-friendly flip flops are stylish, durable and made from 100% natural rubber. 

Natural rubber is incredibly spongy so they maintain their structure and strength no matter what you put them through. These incredible flip flops are super lightweight and comfortable too and the rubber moulds to your feet to provide support where you need it. 


Fair Rubber

Waves flip flops are made from Fair Rubber sourced Sri Lankan rubber.

Natural rubber is harvested from several species of trees and comes out as a kind of milky liquid. The raw polymer comprises a mixture of isoprene units and impurities. Processing removes the impurities and encourages the units to join up into long chains, giving rubber its characteristic properties.

The natural rubber used for the manufacture of Waves flip flops has been sourced under Fair Trade conditions. Its producers have received a Fair Trade premium to help improve their living and working conditions. The implementation of this scheme is the result of a co-operation between Waves and the Fair Rubber Association.

Waves believe products should not only look and feel good, but they should also support the people who make them. By buying a pair of waves flip flops you are helping support the rubber farming communities of Sri Lanka providing them with a fair, safe and sustainable livelihood.


100% Plastic Free

Most flip flops contain a man made element, whether that is plastic or artificial rubber. Ten’s of thousands of flip flops are washed up on our shores each year. As they enter the ocean, tiny micro plastics break away, polluting the oceans. Man made rubber releases petroleum based pollutants into the ocean.

Even recycled flip flops are made using plastic that was once used as something else and although a positive step in the right direction, it isn't a long-term solution to the world's plastic crisis. 

Waves Flip Flops are 100% plastic free and made from 100% natural rubber. The flip flops are therefore Eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. 



Not only does 100% natural rubber already provide great benefits to the sustainability of the environment, but Waves go one step further. Their manufacturing plant takes worn & used waves flip flops and the rubber offcuts from production and puts these into a recycling process meaning they can be used in a new product rather than going into the environment to biodegrade.

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