The Babouche leather slippers are handmade by skilled leather artisans in Marrakech.

Egos Copenhagen

Egos Felted Wool Slippers are handmade by artisans in Nepal using raw wool from New Zealand.


Made from 100% sustainable materials! They collect plastic bottles and recycle them into a light felt fabric and vulcanise this to a natural rubber sole. 

Shepherds Of Sweden

Founded in 1982 Shepherd Of Sweden create a range of sheepskin and wool products with Scandinavian design. Their Swedish design tradition emphasises care for every little detail and their handcrafted nature results in timeless, beautiful products.


100% natural rubber flip flops are 100% sustainable; from the natural Sri Lankan rubber to supporting the artisans who make them, each step of the Waves manufacturing process uses ethical and sustainable methods. When you buy a pair of their flip-flops, you are helping support the rubber farming communities of Sri Lanka, providing them with a fair, safe, and sustainable livelihood.