Natural Fibres

Felted Wool

The Egos felted wool slippers are made from natural fibres which is both good for your body and for the planet.


Treat your feet

Felted Wool slippers provide luxurious comfort year round due to their amazing capability to regulate the body temperature, naturally insulate and remain breathable.

The lanolin in the wool promotes healing and is kind to sensitive skin, while the impact of the wool against the skin stimulates blood circulation.

To ensure ultimate comfort the slippers take the form of your individual foot and the stitched on suede sole provides extra support.


Treat the Planet

The slippers are made New Zealand sheeps wool which is sourced ethically and is dyed using eco-friendly colours to create Egos' famous bright colours.

The natural fibre means that the wool is sustainable and the manufacturing process is less harmful to our planet in many ways.

Natural fibres last longer than synthetics, and when you do need to send yours to slipper heaven they will naturally decompose; creating less buildup in landfills.

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