Egos Felted Wool Slippers

Who are Egos?

Egos felted wool slippers are manufactured by the Danish company En Gry & Sif who have manufactured their felt products in Nepal since 2000. There is a long tradition of felting in Nepal and some of the best felt workers in the world are found in Nepal making the Egos slippers.

Their designs draw inspiration from classic Danish design traditions, in which functionality and simplicity are key.

Their range of unique colourful slippers are extremely popular among all ages and are available in two different designs; the slip-on style and the full foot slipper style.


How are Egos slippers made?

The Egos slippers are 100% handmade by artisans in Nepal using raw wool from New Zealand sheep.

The raw wool is dyed using eco-friendly colours, carded and formed around the shoe last to create the slipper shape. Soapy water is then massaged into the wool to make it latch together. The slippers is then dryed out in the sun and once dry another layer of felt is added into the slipper for added comfort and the suede sole is hand sewn on.


Why choose Egos Slippers?

Felted Wool slippers provide luxurious comfort year round due to their amazing capability to regulate the body temperature, naturally insulate and remain breathable.

The lanolin in the wool makes the slippers resistant to dirt, moisture and odours. The lanolin also promotes healing and is kind to sensitive skin, while the impact of the wool against the skin stimulates blood circulation.

To ensure ultimate comfort the slippers take the form of your individual foot and the stitched on suede sole provides extra support.


How do Egos slippers support artisans?

Egos Copenhagen is certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and as well as employing and provided a fair wage to Nepalese artisans they also provide financial support for local orphanages.