Treat your feet

Treat your feet



Felted Wool slippers provide luxurious comfort year round due to their amazing capability to regulate the body temperature, naturally insulate and remain breathable, but did you know that your felted wool slippers are also kind to sensitive skin, promote healing and stimulate blood circulation?

Lanolin (also known as wool fat or wool wax) is a natural substance which is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the sheep in order to waterproof and protect their wool and skin. 

Lanolin makes up between 5-25% of the weight of freshly shorn wool and is therefore present in your wool slippers. Because lanolin resembles our skin's own sebum it is readily absorbed by our skin when wearing the slippers barefoot. It's an amazing moisturiser and forms a protective layer over the skin, allowing it to function, breathe naturally and heal. Because of this, wool slippers have been hugely popular with people suffering from sensitive skin, eczema or recovering from foot surgery. 

Wool slippers are also great for blood circulation as the impact of the wool against the skin gently massages nerve endings and stimulates blood circulation.





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