How to wash felted wool slippers

How to wash felted wool slippers


Felted Wool slippers are not only super comfortable but the lanolin in the wool makes the slippers resistant to dirt, moisture and odours, meaning that you very rarely need to clean them. When the time comes where you find they need a wash, follow the below tips:



How to clean felted wool slippers

Remove any loose dirt or dust by giving your felted wool slippers a hoover with a soft-bristled hoover attachment.


How to wash felted wool slippers

We recommended hand washing the slippers with some wool soap but if you want to stick them in the machine do them at a 30° wash with wool soap and do not use fabric softener


How to dry felted wool slippers

Once washed put the slippers on for a few minutes so that they take the shape of your foot. Then take off and leave to dry (ideally in the sun). Do not line dry as this will make the slippers lose their shape.


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