Womens Leather and Boujad Babouche Slippers


Bon Bon Stripe
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These Bohemia limited edition babouche slippers are made from natural leather and vintage Boujad fabric (a woven Moroccan textile) These are 100% handmade using traditional babouche slipper designs and the techniques of skilled leather artisans just outside of Marrakech.


The finest leathers are sourced from traditional tanneries in Marrakech. Each piece of leather is cut to shape by hand and dyed using natural plant-based materials. Once the dyed leathers have dried in the sun they are hand-stitched, finished and quality checked.

The majority of the process is carried out by men in small workshops but the fine decorative detail is crafted by women who work in their own homes while also being free to care for their children and families.

Please note | The babouche slippers are made from organically tanned Moroccan sheep leather. The scent of natural tanning will fade quickly on airing.

Please note | Due to the soft sole of the slippers they are designed for indoor use only

Please note | Only a small number of slippers can be made from each length of fabric making each pair unique in colour and pattern therefore the colour/pattern may vary slightly from the image shown.