About Us

We are lovers of slippers that make your feet feel good whilst doing good!

By shopping with The Natural Slipper Shop you can be sure that we've done the research for you in making sure that all our slippers are ethically made. We're extremely passionate about supporting people in developing countries and we currently support artisans in Nepal by stocking Egos Felted Wool Slippers and artisans in Marrakesh by stocking Babouche Leather slippers.

Our passion is personal customer service and we pride ourselves on giving award winning service to each and every customer. You'll never be treated like a number when you shop with The Natural Slipper Shop. We're a small business and we truly appreciate every single order that comes through to us, so thank you to all our amazing customers!



All of our slippers are made from sustainable, natural fibres and are ethically made.



We're extremely passionate about supporting artisans in developing countries.



Proud to always give outstanding customer service to each and every customer.

Our collections

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